Monday, April 18, 2011


Who is that? That is what Daredevil looked like before going all red. I was tempted to do the Iron Daredevil from his armored 90's day but opted for old school instead.

My favorite Daredevil artist is John Romita Jr. Slightly because he was on the book when I first started picking up issues here and there at the local 7-11 but mainly because he made DD look cool and his art felt real.

It didn't matter if DD was trashing street punks harrassing an old lady or standing toe to toe with Mephisto's son, Blackheart, Romita Jr. made it all look awesome.

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  1. I feel that DD is a very unappreciated character. I don't even really know a lot about him, even though I have been into comics for a while. I always feel that he never really gets the headlining time that he deserves as a character. Also, having Ben Affleck play him in a movie did nothing for raising his popularity :P

    I did by the DD/Magdalena crossover and loved it though... Go figure, LOL