Monday, February 7, 2011


Surge from the X-books is another suggestion by Richard "Crausse" Still who has thrown some great requests in the ring so far.

These are not your daddy's X-Men as I had no clue who Surge is or was. Turns out there's like all new X-kiddos running around aside from Wolvie's cloned spawn X-23. Huh, I guess I missed some stuff these last couple of years.



  1. Another good piece :D I really like how her lighting arcs between her arms. That is something I think they should incorporate more into her character, more like a Tesla and less just a arm machine that makes electricity. All these pieces turned out great. I'm so glad that you chose to do them :D I wonder what's coming Wednesday ! ! !

  2. @Rich - No worries man, I had fun doing 'em. As for her arms/conductors I just figured they would work that way since electricity arcs and has to move somewhere. Makes more sense to me that she'd control her power like that rather than just have electricity shooting off in all sorts of directions uncontrolled. I didn't design her though so that's just my fun take on her.

    @Fabian - Gracias hermano!

  3. Love Surge and that pose is awesome, Dan! :D

  4. @Shannon - SHAN! Glad you enjoyed this week's piece. Good to hear from ya and thanks for stopping by!