Friday, February 4, 2011


Another suggestion from Richard "Crausse" Still this time of the Walking Dead's own Michonne. I'm curious to see how they're going to introduce her (if at all) on the show come October.


  1. Hopefully they will introduce her in the same was as they did in the comic. That was just too bad ass with her walking up with the two zombies on a chain.

    One thing I am surprised about is the fact that they hadn't introduced "The Hammer". He was really like Rick's right hand man through the first half of the comic. I really hope they bring him and Michonne in for season 2.

    Also, great work on the piece. Love how she is just using him like a hair, lol. Thank you again for doing my suggestions. These are coming out amazing ! ! !

  2. I've got some high hopes for the show based on the first season which only really felt like a teaser of what's to come.

    Fingers are crossed...well, when I'm not drawing mind you.

    As for the suggestions, thank you for making them. While I do have a list of stuff I want to tackle myself, sometimes it's nice to get that request that just stirs up new creative juices over something that I've been planning on in my head for weeks sometimes months already.

    Look for Surge this Monday and thanks again for taking the time to check these out, inking some of my work (you should really get yourself some more professional stuff to practice on, mine is just going to ruin ya) and commenting. :)

  3. I agree that Walking Dead show was only just a taste of things to come. I really want to know when the next season comes out.

    As for inking practice, I just need to practice on your sequential pages and not the doodles ;) Your art is just really good(even the doodles) so I really want to ink it all, LOL.

    Thank you for working on my suggestions and I can't wait to see Surge on Monday :) Also, one friday could be dedicated to Grifter. He's such a cool character, but I never really find good art for him.