Friday, October 9, 2009


Yeah there isn't anything too mysterious to how I do my thing and I'll prove it...


Alright, my buddy and amazing artist
Boo asked me if I'd like to draw up his cheeky Cavegirl Bramble for her sophmore issue in my style. Now you all know that 'ol man Campos can never turn down the chance to draw a scantilly clad female especially one of prehistoric persuasion.

That being said I hunkered down to figure out what I was going to do.
Here is a shot of my little sketchpad that I have lying around the table for the quick inspirational sketching or when I want to figure out the composition or layout of a pin-up such as this. I usually try to work out a few different ideas to get a feel for the work and the character(s) that will inhabit the world I'm creating on paper.

Out of the doodles I went with the one in the upper-left hand corner. The others had merit but there was too much of a Cho/Shanna the She-Devil feel to them that I wanted to avoid.

Once I've chosen my layout then I do a quick study just to make sure all the elements of the piece are going to work. As you can see I'm not going for a nice, pretty drawing or anything like that. This is just blocking the "scene" and working out the rough spots that would otherwise give me problems in the finishing stages.

Yep, I drew a horn on that T-Rex(ish) dino...I couldn't help it.Here I've moved onto the board now. I rough out the basic shapes of the figures and start hitting the spots that look easiest. I left Bramble in her sketched form and skipped to the dino already being rendered because he was just essentially a big ovalish box shape and not very interesting to look at.

You can see that I'm still working out some kinks, never really committing to any one shape or detail until the ink is slapped on but before we do that we gotta see the...

finished pencils or what passes for them when I ink my own work. Now while I'm sure a real inker would prefer to work off of something loose like this in order to add their own splash of personality to the finished piece I would never give something like this to an inker unless I trusted them totally. It's not that I think that there aren't skilled inkers out there (though the really good inkers are a rare breed now) but I as a penciller at heart could never let something as unfinished and raw as this leave my drawing table without feeling like I failed the team.

Luckily it's just me so my +10 Epic Fail skillz are a moot point.

So there ya have it folks, rather boring and not at all interesting but that's how I roll. If you'd like to see the finished piece by all means pop on over to my deviantART page
Stalk on DA and check it out.

Thanks again to the Boo-man for letting me get my inky fingers on Bramble. :]


  1. Wow! Those sketches are simply fantastic! It's great to see the whole creative process!

  2. Dang man!
    I missed this...

    that is one really cool pinup!!! :o

    Cho watch your back!!