Sunday, July 31, 2011


For the wonderful handful of folks that follow my blog and the occasional stray that happens upon it on their digital travels I have nothing but appreciation for the support and attention. You cats and dolls are all right and it's very cool of you to stick around.

I'm putting the theme days on hold for a bit. Could be a week, could be forever. Things are changing and happening. I'm turning a new page in my book of life.

Speaking of turning a page, here's a peek at what my sequential breakdowns can look like. These are for a Bloodrayne story done quite a while back on a sheet of regular copy paper with a template I printed out. Each thumbnail is about two by three inches small.


  1. Very cool. It's really interesting looking at the roughs from these pages.

  2. I've seen fully sketched rough pages that don't look as good as these thumbs. The face on the fourth page looks especially impressive for a thumbnail.

    I gotta step my own game up. Seeing this is quite inspirational.