Sunday, June 5, 2011


What do you mean it's not Friday? o_O

Okay, okay, it's not but let's just pretend it is since I've had this done since then but couldn't share due to my internet connection being a total and complete piece of shitake mushroom.

Anyway, here's Bats or my take on him as it is. I'm a fan of Kelley Jones' impossibly long-eared version but since the majority of Batfans like the stumpy non-threatening ears I tried to go for an image that vibes as the Dark Knight without showing much of him. I also experimented with a combination of watercolors, Prismacolor markers, and ink wash with some white out for kicks. Artsy Dan is...uh...artsy.

Little know Campos fact 8112: I'm one of, if not the only, person on this ball of mud and rock that did not, does not, and will never like the Nolan Batflicks. I tried watching Batman Begins twice fell asleep both times and what I did see was bleh. Only ever seen one clip from Dark Knight rises or whatever it's called and it was the scene where Joker and Bats have a confrontation then there's some really crappy fight choreography (not in how it's shot but I mean like I've seen street punks fight with more flair) then it ends with Joker tossing a female character out a window...okay yeah, that's not cliche or anything. I mean I could write a series of books on why the flicks suck but since I'm the only person who would read 'em I don't.

And just so everyone keeps their torches off and pitchforks in the haybarn where they belong I do love and I do believe that the best translation of Batman from the comic ever is Batman: The Animated Series. Now those cats knew how to craft a tale. They did more in half an hour of tv than all the other Batmedia put together. I ask why someone didn't get them to make the live action movies? One can only imagine how awesome they could've been.

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  1. Actually, Daniel, my boy, you are not alone. I, too, could not stay awake during Batman Begins (and watching it on DVD, I could have gone back to finish it, but WHY?), and though I did enjoy elements of The Dark Knight when I saw it in theaters (Ledger's Joker especially), it was way too long and felt a bit forced. Definitely better than Begins, but only because I stayed awake.