Sunday, April 24, 2011


Okay so I'm a bad monkey and the real world has kept me from the Wired for a couple of days now. I'm not going to bore anyone with details but to make up for my tardiness I'm going to post up not just my missed FANART FRIDAY post but an early MARVEL MONDAY post as well.

We begin with FANART FRIDAY: MATHILDA. Léon: The Professional is one of my favorite movies and I originally envisioned moody shots of Léon creeping in and out of shadows or firing guns blazing. Having only a few minutes to scribble this post out I went with the final scene where Natalie Portman's character Mathilda plants Léon's aglaonema.

I played around with the imagery a bit opting to put Mathilda in her "cleaner" outfit to make up for the fact I didn't draw Jean Reno.

MARVEL MONDAY: HULK is my Monday entry for this week. I have a love/hate relationship with the Hulk. He's one of those characters that I think only a select few folks actually draw right and I'm not one of them. I'm a fan of the more beastial, force of nature, massive Hulk as opposed to the cut, exaggerated fitness model type Hulk who looks like he weight trains and pops in P90X every day. Cool Hulk images:

One of these days I'll get him right though, he's too groovy of a character not to.


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  1. Oh, I am super stoked about that Mathilda piece. You always seem to come out with some of the coolest/ most random things for your fan art Fridays. I really love that cause it's always such an interesting and incredible piece.

    As for the Hulk, I think it's really dependent on the portrayal like you said. I think this would be a great Hulk for a Hulk vs. King Kong series or vs. Godzilla monster series ;) It's so beastial that it really shows the raw power, but really drops the humanity aspect of Hulk. I wouldn't mind a story that does just this ;)

    Really great pieces this week ! ! !