Friday, February 11, 2011


Gonna set the Wayback Machine to a few months ago, Sherman. Here is a peek at the pencils behind my finished Voltron piece that can be found in the book VOLTRON: UNITED AND DRAWN. The book can be ordered directly from the Official Voltron Website or on Amazon. If you want to see the finished piece just click this link: INFRACELLS UP and enjoy!

My first actual love of giant combining robots was the Mighty Orbots cartoon that was on so early on Saturday morning it was still dark out as I sat munching on cereal watching it. Voltron however was the show that motivated my chubby little ass to run home from school every day just to make sure I caught the opening credits. So let's see, I've drawn Voltron, GI Joe, and far the "drawing cool stuff from my childhood" bucket list is going okay just gotta land a gig drawing Sectaurs, Silverhawks, Starblazers, or Tigersharks next.

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