Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Today's WOMEN OF WEDNESDAY comes to you via special request from Jessica Steele Allen. Give her a visit, she's a talented artisan, model, and cosplayer. A fan of J Scott Campbell's Danger Girl she suggested I try my hand at drawing up lead Danger Girl herself, Abbey Chase.

Now I know that this piece might be a little disappointing to most DG fans. I know you guys are used to seeing her jumping around or running or swinging on a vine, rope, etc. You're used to seeing her firing her gun and posing seductively showing whoever her would-be attackers are that she is more than just a pretty face with a killer bod and definitely someone with whom you don't want to be messing.

So here's my take: Abbey waking after a nap. She's had a long night of doing all of the mentioned above and was in for some much needed snooze time. Yeah, yeah, I know....booOOOring. :)

Thanks for the suggestion, Jess. I'm always open to hear if you guys reading here have something in mind for future entries of either WOMEN OF WEDNESDAYS, MARVEL MONDAYS, or FANART FRIDAYS. Just comment and we'll see for I make no promises but most of this stuff I just do on the fly in a couple of minutes so...


  1. It's always nice to have a change of pace for these characters ;) I'm sure she's sick of always being in action poses too.

    Also, I have some suggestions for future days :D
    Marvel Monday - Surge
    Women of Wednesday - Magdalena
    Fanart Friday - Michonne from The Walking Dead with her hood and the Zombies on a chain (You do the coolest zombies :D)

    Hope these help for future ideas ! ! !

  2. Great suggestions, two of which I have on my "To Do" list. Gotta say I'm drawing a blank (pun totally intended) on Surge.

  3. Surge is from New X-Men. I don't think she is still around though :S

  4. Did a Google search and I remembered who she was. I've seen a few of the new X-characters but just in ads and such so I'm not familiar with names or powers. She does (or did) have a neat design with the robotic arms.

  5. Yeah, I really liked her design and how that played into her electric powers, but I guess my liking her wasn't enough to keep her around :(