Monday, January 3, 2011


Happy New Year everyone!

For my first Marvel Monday I scribbled up good 'ol Weapon X himself, Wolverine. Yup, that's Weapon X not ten or whatever goofy ideas are floating around out there.

From the first time I picked up Barry Windsor-Smith's neat little serial running in Marvel Comics Presents I knew that this was something more than another simple origin tale. No silly Howlett bone claws stuff, no Roman numerals Weapon Plus jive, just a simple straight-forward and sad story of a man stripped of all that makes him human. A story of rage and manipulation and a cold look at how science can be perverted in the quest to create the perfect killing machine.

Wolverine has always been my favorite Marvel character. His ambiguous nature, not quite a good guy, willing to make the tough choices other Marvel heroes can't and having to live with those choices make him appealing beyond just the cool mask, healing factor, and adamantium claws.

Yes he's overused but that's because he's just that damn cool everyone and their mother wants him in their books, their stories. If you look past all the silly history they've bogged him down with lately he's a perfect character for readers to identify with. No past, no memory, just the here and now of what is in front of him and how best to deal with it be it with skill or the slashing of claws. You can be ten or seventy and you can still get into his head and be the little runt bezerker ready to die for his friends and win at all costs.


I still get chills whenever I see that sound effect, bub.


  1. Wow good ol Weapon X! Man that takes me back. Wish I could read that original first issue again.- Joe G.

  2. You could always pick up the collected edition if ya want. It's on sale all over the internets for cheap and a great addition to any bookshelf.