Monday, December 6, 2010


Been busy as heck since coming back from WWAustin and just now did I notice this headshot of a vampire...thing sitting on my computer. I did this for my wife's office decorations back during Halloween and I was kinda happy with the old school Creepshow colors I slapped on it.

Ah, vampires that don't sparkle...damn I'm old.

The year will probably end and I won't update this thing as usual before then. Before this year punks out on us I'd like to mention that while the beginning of 2010 had it's hardships it's shaping up to end on a really great note. I'm happy to say that the freelance artist gig is working out better than I expected and while it was scary at first I'm feeling more at ease and in my element now. Hopefully the end of the year finds all of you reading in good spirits as well.

I'm bouncing between sequential pages, sketchcards (more Marvel stuff), and commissions so I can't complain. Picked up the Jim Lee ICONS book and it's a great book but bittersweet for me. Bitter because I realized just how much of a fan of his I am especially since about 90% of the stuff in this book I've seen to some extent already in other places and even some stuff the book claims has never been seen before.


It's also bitter because I wish it could've included his Marvel work especially since that was when he was at his peak and doing some really nice stuff. His X-Men will always kick the crap out of his JLA visually.

It is a sweet book though and for the casual fan there is a ton of behind-the-scenes stuff you'll love. Even though the new stuff for me was small in amount it made up for in sheer coolness. If you collect art and sketchbooks run out and get this baby, you won't be sorry.

I also picked up Mad's DARKSIDERS book and was shocked at how little actual Mad artwork is in it. Still what is in there (while having been seen online in some form or another already) is still cool and the other concept guys working on the game have some sharp stuff. In some cases better than what Mad did so that's something to look out for.

I found Hughes' book, COVER RUN left me wanting but Riki LeCotey is in it so I have to love it. Don't know why I threw that in there...just felt right seeing as how I'm rambling on about artbooks in the middle of a sketchblog...bleh.

Speaking of the sketchblog, next year I'm going to try some new stuff here. Maybe even as early as the first Monday in January. I want to do theme days such as Marvel Mondays (anyone that has spoken two words with me about my fave comics knows I'm a Marvel Zombie from before Kirkman made it trendy) where I doodle up a character (maybe suggested?) from the Marvel Universe. Then I want to start doing a Women of Wednesday theme where I randomly doodle up one of my favorite subjects to draw ever: women. Finally I'd like to close the week out with Fanart Fridays where I slap down a sketchy piece of fanart from anything ranging from shows to music to cartoons to comics to movies and books.

Well those are my intentions anyway but we all know what road good intentions paves so for now I'll just keep my lead to paper and let's see what happens.

If you don't hear from me again until the first monday in January, have a safe bunch of holidays, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to one and all.

Much love and peace

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