Tuesday, July 6, 2010


It's hard growing up. On one hand you lose alot of the magic that makes being a child so fun. You lose that suspension of disbelief that children always have and that edge that also makes them a million times smarter than any adult because they CAN believe that the fantastical does exsist and there is a monster lurking under the bed. On the other you gotta deal with all the "real world" bullcrap of surviving life on your own that can drain and deter you from what your heart truly desires.


Of course growing up has it's perks too. You get to actually draw all the cool shit that used to make you jump up and down, spilling your Coco Puffs all over the carpet in front of the living room tv as a child. You have fun doing it and it transports you back to a much simpler time in life.

Sometimes that's worth way more than a paycheck.

If you...huh? Something just made a noise under my bed...

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