Thursday, June 3, 2010


Yet another one from the archives. This wasn't an official piece or anything just me playing around with the idea that Rayne ends up in some artic region searching for an old vampire treasure. Obviously if the treasure ends up in the wrong hands it could bring about the end of the world or something so Lara Croft is all up in there too.

The two meet and as usual there is page after page of the standard cat-fight shots with the girls rolling around in the snow, dueling amongst vast cave systems, and maybe even a scene in the bowels of a fiery volcano.

In the end they team up to stop the main bad dude or dudette but still consider each other rivals at the least and bitter enemies.

I always liked it when the "heroes" of the tale worked together but still hated each other's guts so that in the end it was all piss and vinegar between them.

On a side note, I had a smothered chicken burrito the size of my face today...guh.


  1. Hey dude, I was looking through your old stuff and don't know how I didn't see this before. This page is really cool. Sucks that this piece wasn't used though :( Do you still have the original page?

  2. I think I still might but I'd have to look. Could be this one got tossed in the trash.