Monday, August 24, 2009


When I start shading a piece sometimes I'll scan in the lineart and print out a few smaller copies to try stuff out like lighting, shading, negative and positive space all the neat artsy-fartsy junk that can make or break a shot. I'm no expert-blindly stabbing at the board until something starts to form that somewhat resembles the image I have in my head of what the finished piece should look like.

Mostly I fail.

Sometimes though I get lucky. This is some work for a commission that I was happy with on my first pass. That's usually not the case so score one for the hacks!


  1. Jhomar Soriano said... "Vive le hacks!"

    Hey it's that Scruffy Ronin guy! Just got done checking out your groovy sketchblog and adding it up in my links of choice. Yes vive le hacks indeed!

  2. Very nice !!
    You have some great stuff on your blog !!