Friday, June 5, 2009

It's da Pitz!

I first met Joseph Naftali back when we were kicking ass and taking names on the KISS4K book (Hell, if it wasn't for this badass working his mojo I wouldn't have gotten the honor of desigining three of the four core KISS members at all!) While things didn't quite pan out as we would've liked Joseph went on to the wonderful world of burlesque and all that entails.

Now before anyone tries to picture this dude prancing about onstage in a pair of fishnets and garters you need to get to know him and what he does in the world of burlesque by visiting his MySpace page Karkarodon along with the lovely Cherry Pitz' MySpace page Cyndi Freeman.

I've done some work with Joe in the past for different productions and it's been a blast and a half not to mention a nice break from the regular gigs. So here are some peeks at some of the sketchwork that goes into a Naftali piece. He's very specific on what he likes to see and this makes my job so much easier by taking all the guesswork out of things.

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