Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Netflix is a wonderful thing. Got done watching Quarantine and I have to say that along with Day of the Living Dead it's now one of my top fave zombiesque flicks. The idea was just original enough (well for an American adaptation anyway) and the shocks kept me jumping. The tension was massive and I was on the edge of my sofa cushion the whole time. This is what I think alot of the zombie wanna-be/re-makes are trying to achieve and Quarantine pulled it off with flying colors.

If you like being scared s#!tless then I highly recommend this flick but don't expect a happy ending because if a zombie-type apocalypse was to really happen it would probably start like this!


  1. Hey Daniel,

    found your blog with a 'zombie love' Google search...

    I watched REC (which Quarantine is based upon) on the big screen as part of a film festival and EVERYONE was diggin' their nails in their armrests, I'll tell ya.

    Haven't seen Q yet. Kinda hard to give it a *fair* shake.

  2. Haven't seen REC yet but it's on my Netflix list. Tried to get it waaaaaaay back when I first heard about it but kinda forgot about it then Quarantine came out.

    I'm sure it's got to be just as good if not better than Quarantine (most source material is just like all the Japanese horror translations that were all the rage a few years ago) so I can't wait to scope it out.

    In the end as long as it's got cool zombies and great special effects it's a win/win!