Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pat Carlucci's Witchie Boo!

How's everyone out in the Blog-O-sphere?

Just a quick hit 'n run this time around as I've got more work to get too and not as much digital daydreaming time as I would like.

This is the lovely Witchie Boo and her psycho broom Inferno. Now in most of the pics I've seen of Boo she's usually giving old 'Ferno what for so I thought that turnabout would be fair play for this piece.

Witchie Boo and Inferno are both creations of the insanely talented and insane Pat "I'm not insane, dammit!" Carlucci. For more info on him, his creations, and his art please visit him over on deviantART!

I'm blushing like a rose over here because I'm an idiot and Pat is the nicest guy in the world for not hating me for my mistakes!

1 comment:

  1. her pose is so awsome and most of all sexy!*__*
    I like this pic very much.

    Love how you draw female bodies.^^