Saturday, July 5, 2008

Mixed bag 'o goodies...

Got me a bag of mini-Chick-0-Sticks...these things are SO addicting it's not even funny.
My teeth feel like they've been chewing yummy, sweet concrete chunks for hours.

Yeah, Chick-0-Sticks.

Anywho, here's some sketch stuff for a few of the quick pieces I posted up on my deviantART page:

First up is a shot of Marvel's The Thing and Kitty Pride of the X-Men sharing a moment.

I'm holding a small sketch jam for this week on deviantART and the topic is the Metal Gear universe. I opted for just a nice quick brush sketch of Snake but here was my first attempt. Natasha Romanenko (one of the lesser drawn MGS girls!) taking some time off from the cold to catch some rays and work on her tan. Looks like she's attracted some attention "!"

One of my buddies asked me to draw a, and I quote "big ASS reptile!" so here it is in all it's assy glory!!!

Finally here's a peek at a pin-up of Rayne from the awesome game and comics (published by Digital Webbing!) BloodRayne.


  1. Great sketches, Dan! I can't wait to see the pin up!

  2. Really great Bloodrayne pinup and posing!