Thursday, April 17, 2008

How we doin?

Finally got moved into the new digs. Everything is still a mess and I've got dried primer and paint all over my body and some on the walls were they're supposed to be.

I'm so stoked over being a home owner. Growing up in a very poor family and having a childhood living out of apartments not to mention renting since I was on my own at eighteen it's nice to finally say "I'm going home." and have it mean just that.

I still haven't wound down yet as there is a ton of stuff that needs touching up and there's still that whole unpacking and getting set-up part to go through too so...

For now, even though I lost a really, really great gig because of it I'm glad to say that I've got a home.


That bastard from the barrio.


The pics are just some stuff I sketched out on break at work.

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  1. are those sketches hints of the great gig you passed on?...