Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I've been sick for a while now. Since my birthday at my last memory.

These past two weeks I've gotten worse so after visiting the doctor and being lectured on how I could die if I don't get myself checked out early on blah, blah, blah...

Since I was out and about getting meds I decided to check out Cloverfield. It was totally what I expected and didn't live up to the hype. Not complaining, mind you. I really liked the flick for what it was but I think I liked the anticipation and 'wait' to see it more. The build-up for this movie was great and very well executed. Was it a breakthrough movie for the giant monster genre? I don't think so but I did enjoy it just the same for what I was expecting. Been reading that alot of people were let down but with expectations and speculation so high how could the general masses not be?

Anyway, after watching the flick I went home and let my body burn out. Took my first dose of something the doc called a 'Z-Pack' or other. Course I didn't know that it mixed with some congestion pills plus a nice crispy fever would cause me to practically re-live every single image and moment from this damn movie. Needless to say I haven't slept much for the past couple of nights since starting my treatment and tonight was the first time I crept outside the bedroom leaving behind sticky sheets and no doubt countless colonies of viral evil.

I sat here for a bit then sketched out this thing on my Wacom that kept haunting my fevered dreams. I'm pretty sure I'm no where near to what the actual beastie looks like and if you haven't seen the flick yet and now hate me for ruining it for you too bad. Even in my shitty state I was able to see it so there! I was going to draw the little parasite things but I'm sure you can just do a Google and find some shots of the bugs from STARSHIP TROOPERS and you'll get the gist of what those things look, sound, and move like.

I'm off to die some more now. Hopefully be back soon...


  1. Dan, that is awesome, I would've guessed you reffed that, it seems so close to the film, but yeah, who knows man, that beastie is hard to get a grasp on without a good still full on shot (which I've not seen)...

    but YES, you spoiled it!!!
    Just got to see it yesterday (and bumped into this before that), as it takes me about a week of harrassment to get my wife to the theater!!! ;)

    I LOVED IT!!

    Not sure what's not to love, or what more you could expect?
    Sure a full blow movie production treatment would afford you more monster, but what more could you ask for?
    Better characters, sure...
    I dunno.

    But I loved it, so I'm biased :)

  2. Awesome piece dude. I hope you feel better brother.


  3. Nice piece dude. I hope you feel better.