Saturday, December 22, 2007

End of Year Shot!

Time to end the year yet again and update this puppy. Before I talk about the pic let me just take this time to wish everyone reading and living on the Wired a happy and safe holiday season. Please be civil to each other and keep the artistic fires burning bright. Whether you fancy yourself a sequential master or a hacky pin-up artist, a seasoned pro or a professional amateur just keep on keeping on and I'll see you all in '08.

Wipe your tears and get to work.

This pic is the sketch layout of a pin-up (oh noes!) for my buddy Will Caligan of his character OUTLAW ANGEL. To learn more about her and her creator jaunt on over to his deviantART page: and splatter him with all kinds of good lovin!

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  1. Oh yeah, methinks that's FRICKIN COOL MAN!!!!!!!!!