Wednesday, November 7, 2007

When it Raynes it pours.

Trying to post here as often as I can. Just got back a few days ago from a little trip down to El Paso/Juarez and then jumped straight into my regular job so I wasn't able to put anything new up until now. Look for a post soon with pics from all the crazy wonderful shennanigans.

Now onto today's entry. This is a sketched up idea of a variant cover for a BloodRayne book that didn't make the cut. Still planning on finishing it soon though and maybe getting it thrown in somewhere as a pin-up if Ed and the Rayne handlers like it.


  1. Holy cow man! That's a cool wrap cover!!
    Can't believe they passed it up!!??

    What's funny is, it looks like a villain from the new SR Spcl... a vampire sailor suit/school girl rollerskating take on Go Go Yaburi from Kill Bill!
    And it would make a smooth conversion to work for that... (hint hint) :D

  2. Well I haven't heard anything back yet from Ed and the great guys over at Majesco so I don't see why not. Note me on DA or via e-mail and we'll talk.